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Fashion is Coming Roaring Back


Fashion is Coming Roaring Back

We made it! Governor Abbott officially lifted the ban on masks. That paired with the surge in people getting vaccines, you would have thought people had not been to a restaurant in a year. Lunches, happy hours, and book clubs in person have been blissfully added to calendars and instantaneously we all went shopping. I mean, hello, we finally have plans and a place to go.

Speaking of shopping, I recently had the thrill of sitting down with Jordan Jones, fashion director at Forty Five Ten, to talk shop.

What has changed in the world of fashion now?

Jordan: So much! There is a new sense of emotional buying with functionality and ease of wear during this past year- we shied away from the loudness of fashion. But fashion is back. We never slowed down our buying strategy during the pandemic and we added a few brands-that were easy to wear. We stayed steady with inventory.

Have you seen a pick-up in business?

Jordan: People are coming out with a bang! We just had someone come in and buy a piece of every Comme Des Garcons we carry, and they do not even live in Dallas.

What are you buying now?

Jordan: I am buying for fall event heavy. TWO x TWO is happening, Crystal Charity is happening, and people like to dress up—especially in Dallas. You will see highly special, highly curated, edited looks. We at Forty Five Ten want everything to feel special for each person. You will not see yourself coming and going on others.

Is casual here to stay? For example, I totally cannot do without my Golden Goose tennis shoes now.

Jordan: There will be a hybrid of relaxed and luxe. Dallas will still dress, we feel confident. It feels so good to feel normal!

Christy BerryApril 2, 2021