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Where Is The Beauty Pantry?


Where Is The Beauty Pantry?

During this global pandemic, it is no surprise to anyone that has been watching the real estate market that Californians, Arizonians, New Yorkers, etc. have been flooding the DFW area in search of wide open spaces for a “steal”. They have been zipping down on their private jets for the weekend touring three to five homes with their agents and making selections based on the limited inventory that is available. But what exactly is exciting them and what are they desperately searching for that they can’t find?

Californians in particular are a very vocal group. For starters, they are wondering where their beloved beauty pantries have gone. What is a beauty pantry you might ask? Well it is exactly what it sounds like. A pantry, similar to those found in your kitchen, that you can store the various lotions and potions.

Another big “ask” are extra rooms for staff. And in some select cases, clients are even requesting entire houses for the crew that is fleeing Cali for the Lone Star lifestyle. And if you think inventory is low now, just imagine what is going to happen if this becomes a trend. A recent buyer of mine has plans to purchase five additional homes for staff that will be making the move. Talk about a generous boss!

And where are the glamorous gated communities that the California coast is famously known for? The answer is that they are few and far between in Dallas proper. They are suddenly in high demand because the out of towners are used to the security that they bring. As I was told when inquiring about the appeal, they just “feel safer” with the added amenity. Some smaller asks that they or may not come as a surprise are aesthetic asks like real fireplaces and lots of them. The appeal of gas logs is lost on this group and they want these wood burning beauties front and center in the room. Last but certainly not least, the out-of-towners are not so hot on the Texans return to wallpapered spaces. I love a great wallpapered accent wall or powder bath. What about you? The take away from this is actually a big positive. People of all kinds are interested in our market meaning that homes of all kinds are being seen, sold, and swooned over. Thinking about making changes to “fit the mold” of a run-of-the-mill market listing? Might want to consider if your current aesthetic is popular with the new Texas residents who seem to beat to the tune of their own decorating drum.

Christy BerryMarch 2, 2021