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Toto, We’re Home. Home!


Toto, We’re Home. Home!

What does ‘home’ mean to you? 


Merriam-Webster defines ‘home’ as “One’s place of residence: Domicile and ‘the social unit formed by a family living together.”


Everyone’s’ home is their own.  Over time, family photos are hung on the walls and sentimental objects are placed throughout the home. A home is a mirror into the soul of a family. And from the modest cottage to the grand mansion and everything in between, a home has a large impact on the way that one lives their life. It serves as a respite where one can retreat for safety, security, and ultimately a place that nourishes our well-being.


There are two distinct reasons to purchase a home in my mind. One is for the heart and soul, and the other is for financial gain and they should not be intertwined. Somewhere around 1996, when the trajectory of home prices began a large increase in value and then with the recession of 2008 where they digressed in values that took approximately 10 years to get back to those valuations, people began to mix the two. And it is causing problems. 


More than once, I have pulled up to show first-time homebuyers a perfect home and they show me a spreadsheet that says it is not priced correctly with the data they have compiled. They are more focused on the financial numbers than the heart and soul of the home even before they walk in. What has happened to thinking about making memories and raising your family in the home and the neighborhood? There is no data to input for your neighbors on the street becoming your best friends for life, or your children babysitting for the children down the street that impact their lives tremendously. 


It is very difficult to put a true value on a home. Our emotions and feelings are translated through the homes we live in. Yes, people choose their homes first my location and price but sometimes you can walk into a house and just know this is the one! No price can be put on this.


I guess my point is that before you decide to set out on the journey of finding your dream home, make it a point to remember that sometimes it is the intangibles that make it the perfect place for your family to call home. Candidly, if you are buying a house with the mindset that it is only a successful transaction if it increases in value, now might not be the best time to purchase. God forbid if I ever lose my mind — I would like it to be filled with my favorite houses and the memories they created.

Alison JensenMay 17, 2022