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How To: Protest your Property Taxes


How To: Protest your Property Taxes

By now you have received your appraisal district’s 2022 valuation of your home, and you cannot believe what you are seeing. Yes, you have heard about how prices are rising everywhere, but you did not know it was this high.

You know what I say? Go ahead and protest! The deadline is May 16 this year.


First things first. I am assuming you have homesteaded your property and taken those extra exemptions if you have them, such as over 65 (only one of you has to be over 65 if the property is in both of your names) or are disabled or a disabled veteran. All of these exemptions will lower your taxes automatically. For those of you who put their homes in the name of a trust, you can still apply for the homestead but those in an LLC cannot apply.


The value is taken from January 1, 2021 until January 2022, and the appraisal districts use three factors—effective year built, neighborhood valuations and size. So, for example, if your neighborhood encompasses a large swath and prices have gone up by 15 percent, they will raise the whole neighborhood. They can only raise your valuations 10 percent a year since the last time they were appraised. Everyone is getting appraised this year, but if you were not reassessed after 2020, they can basically raise them 21 percent (10 percent each year).


But, your house is not as nice as your neighbor’s and they have a pool and your fence is falling down. Take pictures of your outdated kitchen, or outdated bathrooms and include estimates of how much it would be to improve them to look like your neighbors when you send in your protest form.


After submitting your Ufile online or by mail, they will send you an informal settlement that you can accept or deny. This has been happening very quickly, and so much so that I have witnessed lately come within a couple of days. If you do not like the outcome, you can request a formal hearing.


Very important though, first is to submit an evidence request. This gives the appraisal district 14 days to provide you with three comps they are using to arrive at your valuation. Then drive by these homes and compare and modify your request based on these. Maybe those homes do not side to a busy street like you do or have a new roof and fence and yours is falling down. Take pictures!


You will complete a Property Owner’s Affidavit of Evidence from the Comptroller at (Form 50-283) and send it certified mail is best. With this you do not even have to attend the formal protest by checking Box 1 in Section 6 that says you do not intend to appear at the hearing, but the affidavit will suffice, but you can still appear if you want to. You do need to get it notarized but most banks and libraries have a notary so it is not difficult to obtain and saves you the headache of appearing in person.


They are saying the appraisal districts will be inundated this year with protests so remain patient.  I have found them all to be very helpful and knowledgeable and willing to work with very homeowners. Good luck, and let me know if I can help pull comps for you or help in any way.



Alison JensenMay 6, 2022