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Tired of Waiting 4 Hours for the Dishwasher?


Tired of Waiting 4 Hours for the Dishwasher?

Dishwashers can take up to 6 hours for a cycle where they used to take 1 hour and still do not clean as well as they use to. The reason is the federal efficiency standards from the Department of Energy that make us use less energy, but consumers would like to change this. They would like the choice of cleaning their dishes in under an hour.

The Department of Energy acknowledged the problem by saying “To help compensate for the negative impact on cleaning performance associated with decreasing water use and water temperature, manufacturers will typically increase the cycle time.” We all respect the fact we want to consume less energy and water but those are only two reasons in choosing a dishwasher. The consumer would also like clean dishes, done quickly and affordably.

For what the Wall Street Journal has dubbed “The Dishwasher Rebellion”, consumer comments closed yesterday on the issue with the Department of Energy. We will see what happens.

Meanwhile if you need a new dishwasher Consumer Reports recommends the Bosch Ascenta as the most reliable. As most dishwashers are likely to break within the first five years you want your approximately $600 to be well spent.

Christy BerryOctober 17, 2019