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Outdoors: The Possibilities Are Endless


Outdoors: The Possibilities Are Endless

Outdoor living areas are now becoming standard fare in new construction homes as well as add ons in pre-existing homes. But what features are the most important and what do people wish they had spent more on.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association:

·      62% of outdoor kitchens have a TV

·      62% have built in storage or cabinets

·      58% boast a fire pit

·      35% have a hot tub

·      29% have a pizza oven

·      26% feature a wine refrigerator

·      25% install an ice maker (except in Texas)

·      15% have a beer dispenser/tap system!


But when asked what they wished they had spent more on:

·      12% wish they had spent more on shade-especially in Texas!

·      10% wish they had a bigger space (average is between 100 and 400 square feet)

·      9% wished for more counter space

·      7% wished they had more temperature and lighting control

·      5% wished they had more cabinets and storage

Christy BerryOctober 9, 2019