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Tips on Creating the Perfect Pantry


Tips on Creating the Perfect Pantry

I chatted with Staci Ferber, owner of Dallas-based ReOrgIt, about the tips and tricks to creating the perfect pantry for homeowners that is both practical and pretty from an organizational standpoint. She gave me some ideas on how to organize.

Use baskets & bins to store boxed food items on the same category (i.e. rice, chips, etc) Air Tight Containers are great for storing bulk items like flour, sugar, cereal, nuts, and cookies. Lazy Susans are your best friend for olive oils, vinegars, spices, etc. All you have to do is give it a quick spin and you can see everything at a quick glance.

Expand-A-Shelf is the best item to store all of your canned goods and spices.

Interesting in creating the perfect pantry or organizing other areas of your home, but just don’t have the time or energy to do so? Contact Staci Ferber at to get started on creating functional and beautiful spaces throughout your home.

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Christy BerryMay 6, 2019