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Move Over Uber, There’s a New Car Service in Town


Move Over Uber, There's a New Car Service in Town

Chances are you have seen the Alto SUVs driving around town and have wondered what exactly they were. If you assumed it was just another Uber or Lyft-like service, that is not the case. This ridesharing service is unlike anything else in Dallas in that they have their own W-2 employee drivers that are uniformed, background checked, and trained in-house. The company has a fleet of new, sparkling clean SUVs that allow you to work from the car (they have chargers!) or turn on the Do Not Disturb button so your driver will not be conversing with you. I personally have noticed a really big difference in the level of service and just the ride itself. Keep in mind that unlike an on demand pay-as-you-go rideshare company, Alto has its users pay a monthly service fee. Once you ride with Alto, I guarantee there is no turning back.

If you email and give them my name, Christy Berry, Alto will also give you $50 in free rides to get you started. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Christy BerryApril 29, 2019