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The Biggest Kitchen and Bath Design Trends


The Biggest Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

Pandemic design trends continued to evolve in 2021 as people continued to want more out of their “home” bases on both the inside and out. I summarized these trends gathered and reported on originally by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. 

More Multi-Purpose Spaces

Think of a study that could function as an exercise room or a kitchen island that is big enough to comfortably congregate for cooking and homework to happen simultaneously.

Spacious Kitchens

With people actually cooking at home again, the need for a larger space to store items and accommodate larger groups of people is a must. This means a larger pantry and place to eat and entertain.

Outdoor Living Areas

Everyone wants to be outside whenever possible. Outdoor living spaces with kitchens lead the way in backyard remodeling trends in 2021.

Kitchens New Style and Color

The kitchen triangle used to dominate kitchen design, but a more contemporary look and feel are leading the way with transitional coming in as the number two aesthetic. White is still expected to dominate for countertops and walls, but we are seeing beige and blue make a comeback. Expect to see more black kitchens in the future.

“Aging in Place” features

With multi-generational homes becoming more commonplace, this is no surprise. This includes lipless showers with shower seats along with stylish grab bars. Other trends noted include no steps into the front door where possible and lever door handles throughout the home. 

Increased Technology

Laptop and phone charging areas became an in-demand feature during the pandemic and is considered the most likely element to be implemented in the years to come. Other hot ticket items are generators (which you cannot find right now) and smart refrigerators. 


Yes, the people have spoken, and less really is more. Not only is this “trend” easier to clean, but it is also easier on the eye, and is both sustainable and functional. 

Alison JensenFebruary 3, 2022