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The Benefits of High-Rise Living


The Benefits of High-Rise Living

As Dallas continues to grow, luxury high rise residences in various central locations have followed suit. 

And just as Dallas cements its cultural footprint as one of the world’s great metropolitan cities, its residents have started to rethink the antiquated idea that moving away from the city center is the best choice for family life. 

In fact, many have found the exact opposite to be true for their individual lifestyle when they evaluate not only how they spend their free time but where they spend it.

The obvious bonus of high-rise living is the option to live a rather low maintenance lifestyle. Owners can say goodbye to yard work, home maintenance, and security systems and welcome posh pools, fantastic fitness centers, and customizable concierge services galore. 

Even pet owners are unable to turn down the charm and convenience of walking trails, pet-friendly parks, and even dog walking services.

Pouring rain? Not your concern as valet is likely to have your car waiting for you in a covered, secured space when you are ready for it. Today’s condo is not your grandmother’s, although, if it were, she’d be the lucky one.

An often-forgotten benefit of high-rise living is having a chance to live on the cusp of interior design and architectural trends. Dallas is known for large mansions, however, the spaces high in the sky can be just as spacious. 

One-, two-, and three-bedroom options offer flexible floorplans depending on how many people make up your family unit. Today’s luxury high rise features top of the line appliances, sophisticated stone finishes, and dynamic views of the city that you love.

Community gardens, spas, and terraces have been modeled after some of the best not only in the United States but in the world. 

Architects spend years pouring into these passionate projects which stand amongst the city skyline as livable works of art.

And at the end of the day, whether you live in suburbia or smack dab in the middle of downtown, most are concerned about location. 

High rise living in Dallas gives its residents an ideal location that allows them to walk out of their front door and arrive at many of the city’s restaurants, shops, and museums within minutes. 

Many high-rise converts have been surprised to discover that despite years of trekking through the city in a car, that their day-to-day life really could and did become quite walkable once they made a habit of it.

The true beauty of living in a luxury high-rise community in Dallas is that the possibilities are endless and completely custom to your wants and needs. 

Whether you are a young family craving an upscale, urban experience or a retired executive looking to make a luxurious leap into a new, low maintenance chapter of life, there is a high rise in this culturally vibrant community with your name on it.

As your realtor, it would be my honor to help make your high rise dreams a reality.

Christy BerryFebruary 4, 2019