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First Impressions are Everything


First Impressions are Everything

If you are thinking of selling your home this year, I would be happy to help you decide which of these projects will increase the value of your home. 

Based on my experience, staying on top of these key aspects of your home’s maintenance can make all the difference.


Paint is the best way to boost your curb appeal. I recommend that clients always choose a neutral color, and you can go a shade or two lighters if it is already painted. 

White Heron by Sherwin Williams is my go-to color right now for painted brick or wood. Avoid unusual colors unless it goes with the history of the home.

Homes painted unusual colors tend to appraise lower if they do not fit in with comparable homes in the area.

Also, be sure your front door is a showstopper. That may mean painting it a different color or simply updating your hardware. For a totally updated look go for a frosted glass panel door.

Wash the Exterior and Windows

Over the years, dirt and cobwebs can accumulate on the exterior of a home. A pressure washer can work wonders on cleaning the exterior.

Also be sure to clean your gutters and downspouts twice a year as build up in them can cause roof eaves to leak. 

Do not forget all the doors, including the garage door, in the cleaning process.

Repair or Replace the Roof

The roof and the foundation are always big-ticket items, and it is best to replace it before you list if you need a new roof. 

This way you can pick the roofer and bid it out and not get down to the wire and have the inspector determine you need a new one and have the buyers walk away.

It’s All About Color

A well-maintained lawn with pops of color is an immediate way to attract buyers visually with initial curb appeal. 

Create colorful dimensions and be sure the lawn is mowed and pruned of any overgrown vines or invasive weeds that have crept into your landscape. 

I always suggest adding a couple colorful pots to the entrance as people remember being welcomed by flowers.

It’s The Little Things

Even your house numbers may need a freshening and check the curb numbers. It is so annoying for people if they cannot find the house number somewhere on the house or curb. 

Polish the hardware and outdoor lighting and replace it with an updated style that compliments your home.

My go to for lighting is any of the Lights Fantastic stores or online. Also, I recommend adding additional exterior lighting for safety of your entryway.

Last but not least

Do Not Defer the Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance helps prevent costly damage. With that said, deferring maintenance on your home can decrease the value by roughly 10 percent. 

Things such as replacing missing mortar between brick and touching up faded paint may seem insignificant; however, these small imperfections can stand out to potential buyers and leave a negative connotation.

Again, if you need any help making decisions on preparing your home for sale, I am more than happy to help. Send me an email to

Christy BerryJanuary 7, 2019Christy Berry – Dallas Luxury Real Estate