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Talking Home Design with Casey Wiegand


Talking Home Design with Casey Wiegand

I am here with Casey Leigh Wiegand. She loves to share her life through her blog. You can expect pieces of her perspective on life, faith, kids, marriage, loss… with touches of art, creative inspiration, fashion, projects & things she loves along the way. She recently released the Casey Leigh Wiegand Collection and is unbelievable, you must follow her! Today, she is going to tell us a couple of things about her house that her and her husband purchased and are renovating. Follow Casey on Instagram – @CaseyLeighWiegand – to follow along and to learn more about her! 


How or where do you get your inspiration? 

Casey: A lot of my inspiration just comes from nature and my family. I think it’s easy to find things visually on Pinterest, Instagram, blogs – of course there is a ton of inspiration there. But I think it’s just my creative movement. A lot of it comes from being at home and being with my family. Thinking about things that we love doing together, things my kids love, things my girls love for their rooms. It all comes out in my home décor.


What are your tips & tricks on how to design a room? 

Casey: A great tip is to find a splurge piece – one thing that you save up for – that is the statement piece. Maybe a bed or one beautiful, unique piece of furniture. Then you can find things to compliment it that don’t need to be as expensive. We love going to First Monday; we found our table & chairs there. I think the entire set was $100 and we painted it ourselves! But I’m complimenting it with a huge chandelier. There is a beautiful art to combining different things and I really think that’s the best tip. 


You have a new line of wallpaper, the Casey Leigh Wiegand Co. Where do we find that? 

Casey: You can find it on my blog, which is the home for all my things. It has been a dream for a long time to start selling my art and inch my way into wallpaper and other ideas that I have. This is really the first step. 


How did you start with this house? This was a major project.

Casey: It has been a major project! And first, I could not have done it without my husband. He has poured his heart into it alongside me. I really think that when we walked into this house, we could visualize what it could be. It had so much character, so much beauty, it just needed some love. We really wanted a place that we could come into and show our creativity instead of buying something that was already finished. We wanted the projects. It was the perfect pick for us and along the way we have tried to take it one thing at a time, so we don’t get overwhelmed. 


Are you approaching it one room at a time or one project at a time? 

Casey: We’ve been approaching it more like one project at a time. So, we’ll do trim for the whole house and then we’ll do painting for the whole house. Some days we have done room-by-room but really when you look at the big projects, we are going down the list, so we don’t get too far ahead of ourselves or overwhelmed. 


Let’s say this tile. What was your process to choose and find the tile? 

Casey: We went out to all the different places; we went to Floor & Décor; we went to the Flooring Stores. I knew in my mind what I wanted for this entry, but I really wanted to see the colors, see if it was shiny, and what it looked like in person. A lot of times we’d get there and think, ‘oh this looks different than we thought.’ So, for us, it was important for us to see it. It was fun shopping though!


What is your most favorite & least favorite part about renovating?  

Casey: My favorite part is watching it all come together. When you’re in it for a long time, you visualize it and then you see it come to life – that is amazing. The least favorite part is all the dust and the boxes and all the chaos. I also think you imagine it’ll take a certain amount of time, then it takes longer and there are setbacks. There are definitely hard things about renovating but it’s worth it. 


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