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Kitchen Trends Taking Over In 2021


Kitchen Trends Taking Over In 2021

The newest trends that will transform your home this year

When designing a space that’s often referred to as “the heart of a home,” you won’t want to miss out on the new trends that’ll make you never want to leave the space. Kitchens are becoming larger and more open. Therefore, all features must be aesthetically pleasing and well-thought-out. Toasters and coffee makers on the counter are out—hidden appliances and pops of color are in! Learn about the must-have kitchen design trends for 2021. After hearing about them, you’ll surely be craving an update. Christy Berry help make your trendy dreams a reality.  

Durable and Dazzling Countertops 

Your countertop can often be a focal point for the kitchen, so you want it to have character! However, you also want it to be durable for all of those Thanksgiving meals and afternoon snacks. That’s precisely why quartz counters are becoming the countertop of 2021. Don’t worry—marble countertops are still in, but quartz is giving it a run for its money. Quartz countertops offer a modern and upscale look while being durable and easy to care for. The way quartz is made allows for a wide range of colors, giving you a one-of-a-kind countertop. You can have hints of gray, bronze, and even blue to match the aesthetic of your kitchen. The finish of this stone provides a rich and luxurious appearance. 

Another dazzling and dramatic option is dark countertops. You can get dark countertops in most materials, even quartz! Since light cabinets and kitchens don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon, dark countertops are a great way to contrast the space. Dark and glossy or deep-toned woods contrast nicely in these all-white cabinets or lighter woods. 

Sleek Storage 

Whether your kitchen is full of gadgets or Tupperware you just can’t part with, storage is a must! Trendy ways to achieve space without sacrificing looks include:

          ■ Floor to ceiling cabinets

          ■ Hidden storage

          ■ Eco-friendly accessories

          ■ Hidden appliances

These features help you reduce overall clutter, something we’re all striving for, while still giving you storage for your must-haves. Hidden storage adds to the aesthetic and clean lines while providing homeowners access to a pantry. Floating shelves can be fun and charming but aren’t as functional as floor-to-ceiling cabinets can be. Hidden appliances are a major trend of 2021 in luxury houses. Installing a panel-ready dishwasher keeps the appliance out of sight, streamlining the aesthetics and reducing clutter. It doesn’t stop here though, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and even laundry units are being disguised as cabinets to keep your kitchen stylish and clutter-free. Explore and discover your favorite ways to declutter your kitchen!  

Seeing Double

If space isn’t an issue in your home, you’ll want to include this trend in your home. As Dallas luxury real estate provides ample space and homes move towards large kitchens, double islands have become the trend in Texas. A pair of islands has become a work of luxury. These joint structures equip homeowners with a wealth of space to cook, prep meals, and even store appliances. The four main designs for a double island include:

          ■ Parallel

          ■ T-shaped

          ■ Wrap-around

          ■ Mismatched 

Each design serves a unique purpose to give homeowners additional space. Parallel islands serve as a focal point and work well in large, square kitchens. T-shaped designs are ideal for kitchens with less space and busy families, as parents can prep while the children eat. The wrap-around design, also known as the L-shape, is a great plan for accommodating large groups of people. If you’re known for hosting fabulous dinner parties, this is the design for you. Mismatched islands are perfect for bold and eclectic homeowners. A difference in materials, colors, or shapes adds a unique character to a traditional space. Whether you know which design is perfect for you or need a little help, Christy Berry can help you decide and show you gorgeous options in your budget. 

Trendy Tiles

Backsplashes are a perfect way to make your kitchen stand out. Unique tiles add personality and charm to your luxurious space. Even incorporating a bright pattern to your prep space or coffee bar can bring some major character into your sleek space. Whether Bohemian, coastal, cozy, or contemporary is your style, you can show it off through your backsplash while maintaining a bright kitchen. Since light and clean kitchens are a trend of the decade, colorful tiles add that flair to your otherwise neutral space. 

There are many unique ways to style your tile, and you can even invent your own, but some of the most popular designs include uniform patterns with small flairs. By stacking tiles, you create a consistent design vertically and horizontally. This orderly design allows you to play with the color while still maintaining a clean feel. Alternately, creating a herringbone pattern with a bold color creates a playful and expensive-looking design. A herringbone pattern is created using rectangular tiles, turning them 45 degrees, then stacking them in a diagonal layout. This creates an eye-pleasing pattern with an artsy design.

If small tiles and colorful patterns aren’t your taste, the slab backsplash is in. One-piece backsplashes made of materials like marble or metals adds some drama with a seamless appearance. You can match your countertops or go big with the backsplash. The possibilities are endless. 

Dramatic Colors

Another way we’re seeing homeowners incorporate a splash of color and personality into their kitchen is through their islands! Dark pops of color can add some personality while maintaining a dramatic and luxurious feel. It seems risky, but it isn’t too big of a commitment. A fresh coat of paint, and you can switch up the dramatic color in your kitchen. Some popular feature colors in 2021 are:

          ■ Black

          ■ Hunter Green

          ■ Navy

          ■ Emerald Green

          ■ Plum

          ■ Grayed Green blue

These colors stand out against predominantly white spaces and contrast the lightness. Dark colors contrast nicely with gold and bronze hardware, so if you’re a fan of that, it might be worth the risk. 

Light Fixtures

Light and bright kitchens are very much in, but there are modern ways to warm up your space.  Woven light fixtures are the perfect way to add natural vibes to your light kitchen. They provide texture and architectural interest to the room. In an open layout home, placing one woven light fixture in the dining area and one in the living creates a unified feeling throughout the home. 

Soft colors are spiking in 2021. Soft gold works well in light kitchens, and lighting with this finish creates an elegant look. Spherical pendant lighting that accentuates the gold is the perfect pop over your kitchen island or table. 

Retro and industrial-styled lighting is making a comeback but in a more modern sense. Sleek, black pendant lights are a great way to contrast light cabinets and countertops. This comeback is often referred to as “upgraded industrial,” so find that unique twist of retro in your kitchen.

Courageous Curves

Modern cabinets and lines are traditional in kitchens, but for the brave, curvy features have made their way into the cooking area. Curves are a great way to add flair while adhering to a white and light kitchen feel. A curved peninsula can soften the straight lines seen throughout most kitchens. Curved lines feel organic and can make a space feel more welcoming. Embracing the trend through a cylindrical island is a great way to see if this trend is for you. If you aren’t quite sure about this new trend, check out this Summer house that is ruling every feature included, and you’ll be sold! Another way to soften your kitchen through major structures without going all-in is by adding rounded edges on a traditional rectangular island or peninsula. 

Tempting Taps

The final touch to your lush kitchen is taps and handles. Industrial-looking brass taps are a trend, and 2021 brings additional warm finishes to the kitchen through rose gold and champagne bronze. A warm finish on faucets and handles is an easy way to attract attention and compliment the other features in your kitchen. Often these features can even be touchless! Match your tap tone with accent lighting hues, and you can bring your kitchen together. 

Shiny Smart Features

We’ve seen technology develop immensely over the past few years, and luxury kitchens are right on par with these developments. Smart features in the home are increasingly popular and a must-have for luxurious and high-end homes. These features include:

          ■ Capably Smart dishwashers

          ■ Connected refrigerators

          ■ Smart ovens

          ■ Touch screens

          ■ Internal cameras

          ■ Touchless features

          ■ Hidden appliances 

          ■ Interior lighting through remote-controlled functions 

If you are interested in exploring luxury real estate in Texas, contact Christy Berry today. As a highly trusted real estate agent in Texas, Christy serves a wide range of neighborhoods. From Design District real estate to Preston Hollow homes for sale, Christy can help find a property that’s perfect for you. Through her mission of imagining, educating, and exploring, Christy strives to negotiate and celebrate your dream home.

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