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Six Helpful Moving Tips


Six Helpful Moving Tips

Here is how to make the move more seamless and less stressful

Moving can be very stressful, especially for the older generation who finds themselves sorting through years and years of closet build-up. Whether you are rightsizing, moving closer to family and friends, or moving in with a family member, every move comes with a set of challenges. These are the top six tips for making the move as stress-free as possible.

Go at your own pace

If you can go at your own pace, set a schedule and stick to the plan. It will take time to go through your collections, photographs, etc. It’s smart to strategize as to what you will be taking and what you can do without.

Declutter first

By going through the closets, garage, and kitchen cabinets and getting rid of the excess that you do not use, you are saving by moving less stuff. How many times have you found that you have three measuring cups or five of the same cake pans? And how about that ani-freeze that has been in the garage for years? Toss it! Or better yet, if applicable, donate it!

Evaluate where you are moving to and optimize for space

After you have decluttered, figure out what your new space can hold and draw out the floor plan in order to better evaluate what will go where. Place each piece of furniture and decide if you need more or less.

Set a moving timeline

It helps to work backward on this. Start with the move-in date into your new home and decipher how long you think it will take you to complete the move. Do you need to reserve the elevator where you are going or do they allow a move on the weekends? Schedule a mover to assist with this and decide if they will pack for you. In addition, how many boxes and other supplies will you need? Remember the movers book up early.

Keep packing and start cleaning!

Now that you can see a little clearer you can start cleaning and clearing out. This includes things like your refrigerator and freezer. Donate to neighbors or a food pantry. Pack those items that you will need handy at the new home such as paper towels, coffee maker, towels, and your medications. Put these in a separate area that you can move with you.

Get excited!

Now that your home does not feel like home anymore, get excited to move into your new home! As you unpack, you will see each item in a different light. Unpack the kitchen first. It is the most used room in the house and you will feel more settled if this is done first. Take your time as unpacking can take just as long as the packing itself. It is important for some to create a familiar environment to enjoy the process without rushing it.

Alison JensenNovember 17, 2022