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Sellers Beware: Cameras Inside Your Home


Sellers Beware: Cameras Inside Your Home

Curious what buyers have to say about your home? If you have a ring or nest camera inside and have ever considered listening in to buyer feedback via the recording, think again! Texas and Federal laws prohibit audio monitoring without the consent of at least one individual that is part of the conversation.  So that means if your house is being shown, the law does not allow audio monitoring or recording to take place without the selling being present and participating in that conversation.

Silent video is not prohibited by federal law except in places where individuals would have a reasonable expectation for privacy. The fines for this can be significant and if the person who has been recorded feels inclined, they can bring a civil suit against the seller- so not worth it! Trust your agent to get you honest and reliable feedback and stick to using the camera for security purposes!

Christy BerryNovember 11, 2020