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Ladies of Fashion, We Have HOPE!


Ladies of Fashion, We Have HOPE!

Because I am always one to try and look at a glass half full, I wanted to take a deep dive in to the fashion that followed the great” Spanish Flu” of 1918. It took a little over two years for it to run its course, however, once it was over, and likely also due to a burst in creativity from artists like we are seeing now, those with an affinity for fine clothing were ecstatic to find the designs of the roaring twenties waiting for them like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Where did the Spanish Flu come from? In 1918, the US entered World War I and the virus quickly spread through Army camps and around the world. This first, of course, was nothing compared to the second and third waves which proved to be far deadlier. The fourth wave of 1920 was mainly isolated to New York City and some of the Scandinavian Countries. You must remember that this was also during the prohibition era. I mean, can you even imagine going through a world war and a pandemic without being able to have a beer?

But back to the Roaring Twenties. One thing people did have during this time of isolation was their imaginations and crisis sent many designers into full tilt. For fashion? This was the tipping point. Think glitz, glamour, and gin. Perhaps designing things for events that the designers were longing to attend? These post virus days were full of wild parties, short haircuts, and short dresses. What I wouldn’t give to get dressed up right now in any black dress packed in a restaurant with was pulsating with people.

For now, I am living with high-risk family members, so I can only hope and pray this does not go on for two years like the Spanish Flu. But what I do hope is that once we all come out on the other side of this COVID pandemic that there will be a refreshing wave of fantastic fashion that will meet us on the other side waiting to make us feel special and beautiful once again.

Christy BerryNovember 7, 2020