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It Is Time To Protest


It Is Time To Protest

By now everyone should have received their new 2021 tax valuation from the Dallas Central Appraisal District. Were you shocked and appalled or pleasantly surprised? Now the real decision making begins as you have 30 days (or until May 15 15 whichever is first) from the date the appraisal was mailed to decide whether or not you are going to protest. I would recommend sticking with the June 15th date and taking the time you need to get your plan in order. 

If you are one of the properties that were just re-evaluated – it is done for one-third of the county every three years – you may be one of those shocked to see the new value. Gone are the days, thank you COVID, where you had to march down to the DCAD offices and have an informal hearing on the matter. This year, for better or worse, this is not allowed, and everything is happening electronically or through the mail.

I personally went down to the offices thinking if I dropped it off I would get to the head of the line, however, they were two steps ahead of me and had a sign out stating that people like us would get our protests put at the back of the line if we dropped them at the office. I, never wanting to be last, decided to go back and file electronically. 

So, here’s how this is all going to work for you. 

First and foremost, you need to file for a homestead exemption if you have not already. You can do this by going to and putting your address into the search bar on the left-hand side of the first page. You can click on “File a Homestead Exemption”. 

To file an appeal during this appeal period, you go to the DCAD website and get your pin number. They will then send a pin number for you to use to file your Ufile Online Protest Form. You will have two options to appeal your property’s value:

Market Value

Value is Unequal also known as Equal & Uniform

In the views of the expert’s market value, there is an easier box to check as you are refuting:

What comparable properties have sold for in your neighborhood to show a lower value for yours

Your home is in disrepair (needs foundation work, roof, etc.)

You can ask your real estate agent to run comparable properties for you. A savvy agent will know to run homes that are like size, age and neighborhood. The DCAD appraisers are very well versed in this process so do not try to pull one from two miles away and expect them to believe you.

If you are objecting for physical defects, you need to be sure and put in pictures of what the defects are in your filing.

They are also taking into consideration the class rating which you can find online under DCAD residential building classifications. When they have contacted you to schedule your ARB hearing, it is best to ask what comps they are using. This is a totally appropriate question, and you will find that on the form under ‘open records request.’ Remember this is how the property was valued on January 1, 2021, so you cannot use 2021 comps or what has happened since January 1, 2021.

If you are in a flood zone or on a busy street, you will get a reduction and should see this on your valuation. For instance, if you live on Walnut Hill you will get a 40 percent reduction for market adjustment. 

And one last piece of advice. There is nothing better than seeing someone in person to plea your case. They will try and do this over a phone call, but I would suggest asking for an in-person meeting. They cannot deny you. If you need any help with anything let me know! I am here to help.

Christy BerryMay 6, 2021