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Five Favorite Things with Wren Homsey


Five Favorite Things with Wren Homsey

Our homes are more than the roofs over our heads or the walls that surround us. They are the places that we look back on and remember. The good. The bad. The in between. When we reflect on the various years of lives, the things we remember are often happening at home. From morning coffee in your favorite nook to the gallery wall that took years of photos to finalize, things sometimes aren’t just things. They are our memories, and they are what connect us to the past. 

In fact, it seems that everyone has those special pieces that they simply cannot live without. These unique treasures are not trendy, and they could be perhaps looked over by friends and neighbors time and time again, but to you, these are the pieces that tell the story of your home and your family. These pieces are an expression and an extension of yourself and a constant reminder of a person, place, or moment in time. 

This summer I will be doing a series entitled “Five Favorite Things” where a special guests showcases what is near and dear to them within the confines of home. I thought I would kick things off personally by sharing my list. 

Today I am highlighting Wren Homsey, a special client of mine and designer extraordinaire! I have helped Wren and her husband, Benji, move three times now and each time the home becomes more and more special. There are certain pieces that always make the move and you will see why.

Tune in next week to see who is featured and what quirky and personal items from their homes help to make their space complete. 


Marble Top Console

This marble top console is another one of Benji’s family heirlooms. Love that it mixes so well with old and new.


Sleeper Sofa

Benji‘s grandfather gave this blue sleeper sofa to Benji’s parents when they moved into their first home. They recently passed it down to Benji and Wren who recovered it in this blue mohair.


Incense Burner

Being a big fan of incense this is her favorite found at the Ace Hotel in New Orleans, LA.


Marble Slab Tub

After Wren redid the master bath, she loves this marble slab tub with the window overlooking the trees. Enzo, their little one, spends countless hours playing in this private hot tub.


Light Fixture

This is the light fixture in the nursery where Wren also wallpapered the ceiling. She does not like ceiling fans, so this was a fun alternative.

Christy BerryJune 17, 2021