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Five Favorite Things with Christy Berry


Five Favorite Things with Christy Berry

Our homes are more than the roofs over our heads or the walls that surround us. They are the places that we look back on and remember. The good. The bad. The in between. When we reflect on the various years of lives, the things we remember are often happening at home. From morning coffee in your favorite nook to the gallery wall that took years of photos to finalize, things sometimes aren’t just things. They are our memories, and they are what connect us to the past. 

For me personally, I am getting used to a “new” home that is somehow also my old home. Out “tornado house” has gone through a renaissance and lots of healing, and now that we are back home, we are confident it is stronger and better than before. We are fortunate in that we were able to save some items, even if they do have some visible wear and tear, and those treasured trinkets really do complete the space. 

In fact, it seems that everyone has those special pieces that they simply cannot live without. These unique treasures are not trendy, and they could be perhaps looked over by friends and neighbors time and time again, but to you, these are the pieces that tell the story of your home and your family. These pieces are an expression and an extension of yourself and a constant reminder of a person, place, or moment in time. 

This summer I will be doing a series entitled “Five Favorite Things” where a special guests showcases what is near and dear to them within the confines of home. I thought I would kick things off personally by sharing my list. 

Tune in next week to see who is featured and what quirky and personal items from their homes help to make their space complete. 

My Front Door

My front door being square gives one a sense of direction when entering the home. I love the wood, with the mix of steel and glass, and I hope it exudes a welcoming feel when people approach it. Some choose pineapples, I choose beautiful doors as my sign of hospitality.


Pink Floor Lamp

A pop of my personality was bound to appear in this home that I poured so much love and affection in to remodeling. This pink floor lamp from Entler Studio just oozes fun, and I feel like it makes me happy every time I look at it. Does it spark joy for you too? I certainly hope so. It also happens to be pink, which is my favorite color. Coincidence? I think not!



As an avid reader, I used to have books aplenty. We lost most of them with the storm, but these old masterpieces were (luckily) in a storage facility, and I could not wait to incorporate them into my new bookcases. More than just the books, these cases now hold all of our cherished possessions that survived the storm. I love that every piece placed in this carefully curated space holds some sort of sentimental value.


The Greenhouse

The greenhouse is my happy place. When we originally bought the home five years ago, we had no idea how important this space would become to our family. This is our space where we can just “be”. We celebrate here, I grow orchids here, and dare I wax poetic and say that we grow here too?


Drum Table

This drum table was my mother’s, and it barely survived the tornado, but it has been a staple in our entry in every one of our homes. I just could not imagine a home without it, and I love having this family heirloom in my sacred space.

Christy BerryJune 10, 2021