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DFW Real Estate Market Update: November 2022


DFW Real Estate Market Update: November 2022

Yes, you read that correctly. Interest rates have risen, and Goldman Sachs expects them to raise interest rates yet again by another 75 basis points. It seems like they want us to stop spending money and will keep raising rates until we do.

The DFW real estate market seems to be in a struggle with buyers and sellers not agreeing on pricing. With each rise in interest rates, a buyer’s purchasing power diminishes with higher mortgage payments which requires higher income to qualify for the mortgage payment. But it is likely that when—not if—the fed wants to stimulate the economy back into growth mode, the first thing they usually do is lower rates, so refinancing becomes a very viable option for all. 

As far as inventory goes, we still do not have enough. Remember that since the start of 2020 the existing home price increased over 50 percent. That is not sustainable. We are just returning to normal ya’ll. Pre-COVID, normal, that is.

A New York City-based real estate technology startup, Cadre, that offers investors and individuals access to investing in commercial real estate, identified the top five markets in multi-family, office, and industrial spheres by analyzing historical returns, growth in two years and the potential for liquidity in each market. Their top 5 for multi-family?






And do not forget to set your clocks back an hour this Saturday night! We will get an extra hour of sleep — hopefully.

Christy BerryNovember 1, 2022