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Collecting is Once Again a New Found Art


Collecting is Once Again a New Found Art

Have you ever taken a moment to think about the fact that every single object in a home has a story to tell? I grew up in my Mother’s canvas of artwork, antiques and other historic forms of various cultures. My mother was a collector and had an eye for design with an extension to fashion-think Babe in The Swans. The collecting bug may skip a generation or skip to another family, but I was lucky enough to catch it. I always hear, “My children do not want the antiques,” but that does not mean the entire generation doesn’t. Collecting is here to stay and antiques are going to be more and more a part of all of our lives. Everyone should collect something!

Call it a minor obsession? I have spent my days and years wandering junk shops, the Paris flea market to auction houses, and everything in between. I have learned how to tell an antique from a copy (i.e., turn the chair upside down), but from a young age, it was a hobby that I could find objects in any city at any time that reminded me of home, past, and current. It was a way for me to develop my own style, and collect and display objects in a way that expresses what I call home. 

Every home is original and unmistakable and explains how you have moved through the world. Your collections should, too. Everyone should have at least one collecting passion. Want to start but do not know how? Here are some of my favorite places I frequent:

Replacements, LTD If you have broken a plate or glass-they have the replacement! It is an amazing source of china, glassware, and collectibles. With over 5,000 feet of warehouse space since 1981 they can find that missing piece of china or crystal they are the largest purveyor of active and discontinued tableware.

Forestwood Antique Mall. A bit overwhelming at first but you can usually find what you are looking for whether it is a vintage tablecloth or colored glassware to a Chanel scarf. They have it all!

Round Top Antiques Show If you really want to collect and do not know where to start and have a couple of days to pursue Round Top is the place for you. The show was founded in 1968 and has become one of the largest antique shows in the country and occurs three times a year-Spring, Fall, and Winter (too hot in Texas for Summer). You never know who you might run into here as Gwen Stefani and her husband, Blake Shelton, have been spotted recently. Be sure to try to have dinner at Lulu’s if you can get in!

I would love to hear what you collect and if you have yet to start. May 2024 be the inaugural year for your treasure hunting hobby.