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August 2019 Market Update


August 2019 Market Update

I hope you have had a great summer and got out of the heat at some point.  The Texas housing market fell 10 percent recently after hovering at record levels in April and May, according to the Texas A&M Real Estate Center. The trend remains positive however, with lower mortgage rates, robust demand, and more moderate home appreciation prices. I believe the market will be flattening or balancing out in the coming months with Buyer’s claiming ground from what has been a Seller’s market of earlier. And the odds of a recession occurring are always around 20% even when the economy is strong.

Yes, the yield curve has inverted but the Lone Star State still ranks second nationally in terms of growth, right behind West Virginia. Historically, an inverted yield curve is viewed as an indicator of a pending economic recession, but in the case of Texas, this is not certain. Currently unemployment slid to 3.2% for North Texas which is at record lows, wages are rising in areas, and consumer spending is strong. 

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Christy Berry


Christy BerryAugust 23, 2019