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What is Happening in the Real Estate Market?


What is Happening in the Real Estate Market?

The first question I always receive is, “Are you busy?”

Your real estate agent is worth their weight in gold right now and they are probably more stressed out than ever. With no inventory to be had, and most homes trading off market, I find myself digging every day for that perfect home for my clients. This includes calling my network of other top agents, writing handwritten notes or literally knocking on doors. 

In this turbocharged market we are seeing prices we have never seen before. I am still seeing multiple offers over list on totally move in ready homes. The Wall Street Journal reported that buyers are now giving pause, but I do not see it. The market slowed in August, as it always does, with people traveling and getting children back in school — thank the Lord for parents. Yes, prices surged in the first half of 2021 and I think they will continue to in the DFW area. However, we are still inexpensive compared to the $2500 a foot the Californians are used to paying.

People will always move and your experienced agent will always be able to find you a home! We will see the millennials become first time home sellers, wanting to move up in size, due to needing more space for children or moving their parents in with them. The top reason people move is a life event (72%) and the top life event according to a recent Zillow study, was a change in family size. We will see more homes come on the market (probably a lot of them still off market) in the coming months.

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Christy BerryOctober 13, 2021