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Trending Colors for Your Dallas Home


Trending Colors for Your Dallas Home

Sprucing up your home can be as simple as a patterned accent pillow, a dazzling centerpiece, or a few coats of paint. Here are six trendy colors that will breathe new life into your Dallas home

Honey Gold

For centuries, gold has symbolized courage, magic, and grandeur. Incorporating gold accents in your home can instantly brighten any room. Behr’s Charismatic yellow is energizing without being overwhelming, and its warmth makes it perfect for kitchens. Lighten up a rustic den with hints of honey or evoke luxury in a master bathroom with gilded accents.  

Living Coral

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year pays homage to the globe’s biggest ecosystem. Living Coral captures the serenity of the ocean while exuding vitality. Bright coral can make a statement in any room or be toned down to accentuate a pre-existing color scheme. To embrace its nautical origins, match Living Coral with deep blues and sandy beige, or opt for a more modern approach. 

Warm Clay

Similarly, to Living Coral, this rich color is versatile enough to pair well with most color schemes while retaining its own distinct personality. This earthy tone works in tandem with a variety of natural palettes, from sky blues and forest greens to sunny yellows and mushroom grays. Incorporate bronzy clay tones into painted desert palettes with creamy beiges and pinks or embrace its bold-bodied color by using it as an accent to jewel-tone furniture. 

Emotional Blues

Color trends have a case of the blues. Whether it’s a retro denim blue reminiscent of ‘70s bell bottoms or an airy Light Drizzle destined to make a splash in 2020, blue hues are bound to stick around. Behr’s dusty Blueprint blue balances heavy saturation in a way that’s still light enough to feel manageable for an all-over wall color. Use soothing blue in the bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Enviable Greens

With the upswing of interest in indoor plants, it’s only natural that green color schemes rise in popularity. Behr has revealed its 2020 Color of the Year as “Back to Nature,” a mossy yellow-green they call “restorative and revitalizing.” Greens of all saturations and hues can feel intrinsically natural and serene, but individual tones can create varying moods. Opt for a deep emerald green in a formal living room to suggest opulence or choose a faded balsam for a bucolic bedroom. 

Dallas luxury real estate is the perfect canvas for these trending colors. Contact me today for more information on the market.

Christy BerryNovember 12, 2019