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The TV – To See or Not to See


The TV - To See or Not to See

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the television, and how do we celebrate? By wanting them to disappear, of course! Despite most of us turning them on daily, this technology has morphed from a wood box with a small video screen to something that can quite literally camouflage itself into your wall desired. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see exactly how far the television has come, shall we?

In the 1920s, we were delighted to welcome these new pieces of furniture into our homes that allowed us to watch the news in black and white on a tiny 12-inch screen. In 1960 when color television came to be, we even allowed these furniture staples into our living rooms. And do you remember the handheld Casio’s with the antennae on the side where the screen was so small you could barely see? Those sold like hot cakes. By the 1990’s they were on our walls with the introduction of Plasma TV’s and then we were led into the wonderful world of LED. In 2010 we were introduced to the wallpaper television that was as thin as a credit card and the big black screens took up wall space and usually became the focal point of our living rooms. Sports, reality shows, and the news dominated your walls instead of family photos and art. Sigh.

But, before we even had much of a chance to diss this design faux pas, it was gone. Almost overnight the “bigger the better” desire dried up and poof! We want them disguised and gone as soon as we turn them off. As a result, Samsung delivered “The Frame’ QLED TV which resembles a picture mounted on the wall when you are not watching it. Consumers can purchase individual pieces of art or subscribe to a growing library of established and emerging artists to showcase on their wall when television time has expired.

My television of choice is the chameleon TV which is one of Samsung’s newest QLEDs. It literally becomes a part of your wall when not in use. All you do is snap a few pictures of you wall, which could be wallpaper even, and mount your TV. The Samsung SmartThings app then copies your exact color and design and Voila! your television becomes invisible. 

The beauty in hiding the television is that interior design can shine once again and we can get back to creating chic spaces to rest and recharge with our loved ones.

*Photo By Anna Kight of Kight Design

Christy BerryOctober 13, 2020