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The Housing Market in Dallas Is Just Fine


The Housing Market in Dallas Is Just Fine

I’ll say it once. I’ll say it again. I’ll say it 100 times. The DFW housing market is on fire, and I am not seeing any reason to think that that is going to change any time soon. So, for lack of better words, might we keep calm and buy/sell on? 

No matter what type of home you are looking to buy or sell, believe me when I tell you that there is movement. Yes, even the high end (think $3 million+) stuff is selling. The spring market, or lack thereof, successfully transitioned to a summer market that is blazing hot. 


Here is a closer look at exactly what we are seeing: 

Buyers are finally trusting the virtual tour as a first showing. Where there used to be 10 in person visits to find a home, that number has decreased to three or four visits. 

Americans are actually enjoying working from home. Whether it be because of commute times being eliminated or the ability to live anywhere despite where their company is located in town, people are enjoying their home offices now more than ever.

With interest rates at an all-time low, we are bound to see a jump in first time homebuyers. Equity in your home is still the number one assets for homeowners, which accounts for one-third of new worth, and I see this increasing in the years to come.

Buyers from different cities. We have seen a lot of New Yorkers, Californians, and even buyers from Mexico City. With the new Amazon hub bringing higher management jobs to Dallas, I see this influx in new residents continuing. And who knows, maybe other big tech companies will follow Amazon’s lead. Fingers crossed. 

Christy BerrySeptember 2, 2020