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New Luxury Rooms of 2023


New Luxury Rooms of 2023

A house with all the bells and whistles that come with it has come a long way. I mean, think of the one built at the 1933 World Fair that featured the first dishwasher and central air-conditioning unit. It felt like nothing would ever top it. Quite the contrary has transpired obviously. Homes of the future have gotten so futuristic that even the Jetsons could not have dreamed them up.

The Social Media Room

 For starters, the soundproof room has increased in popularity. According to Apple Podcast, there are 48 million verbal blogs on the internet today. Equipped with microphones, screens, soundproof doors, and fabricated walls to absorb the noise, these niche rooms can allow you to get highly professional media projects completed from the comfort of your own home. The green screen backdrops can even change to any environment imaginable if needed.

Golf Simulator Room

People love being active, exercising, training, and using the latest technology. Golf simulators were once only for the uber-rich but, now you can find ones for under $10,000 that project the course on the screen, track the speed and spin of the ball and even serve as double duty as an entertainment system for the kids. Some even predict this could replace large screen TVs in homes soon.

And then what about the gaming the children want to do? They must have a room too. No more hitting into the coffee tables while trying to beat that football team in Madden NFL. Nope, that just won’t do. Now you have a padded wall to bounce off. According to the International Data Corp, sales of virtual reality headsets jumped 241 percent during the first quarter of 2022. And with all the ruckus about the Metaverse (as defined by as a theoretical or emergent networked online space with digitally persistent environments that people inhabit, as avatars, for synchronous interactions and experiences) some of the virtual reality rooms even have vibration sensors in the floors to maximize the experience. What will your avatar look like?

Live Living Room

Then there is the world’s spatial storytelling built into the walls. This means that anything you can possibly dream up can be brought to life within the walls of your home. Think butterflies following your guests up the staircase or maybe a rainforest with the calming sounds of animals and rainfall in another room. All of this, of course, is in 3D so that you can feel like you are actually in each scene. On a smaller scale, it could be in a powder bath as a sort of digital wallpaper, with people dancing around you at dinner that is set to change to stars at night upon dusk.

All these ideas for the latest and greatest luxury home support the latest Luxury Portfolio International report that says that 75 percent of people associate “fun” as the strongest feeling they have with their home. And, wouldn’t you agree, that all of these new rooms are certainly that? Fun.



Alison JensenAugust 19, 2022