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Most Important Renovations for ROI


Most Important Renovations for ROI

Even though it is still a seller’s market, the typical buyer is wanting a move in ready home and is willing to pay more for one that is just that. I see hundreds of homes each year, and these are the top five things I see every day that can help to sell your home quickly and for the highest price.


First impressions are STILL everything. I cannot tell you how many times I have driven up to a house with a client and they do not even want to get out of the car. I suggest making your home inviting from the curb to the front door by doing the little thing right. Think flowerpots, a freshly painted front door, and even a manicured lawn. And do not forget the backyard, as COVID has taught us that now more than ever we need an outdoor space to spread out and get fresh air. 


Painting inside and out can make the biggest difference in the overall feel of a home. Can I be the first to say please resist the urge to paint anything in bold colors? I suggest neutralizing a space so that the buyers can visualize their belonging in your home. Even though wallpaper is making a big comeback, I would still suggest getting rid of it unless its fresh and new. Wallpaper makes the space look smaller so be safe and smart and stay neutral with all of your colors. 


Self-care is on the rise and the bathroom is center stage for that. My thoughts? Get rid of tile whenever you can on countertops, unless you are in a true midcentury, and focus on the visuals. When you walk in the bathroom, what is the first thing your eye goes to? Make sure it is up to date and think white and bright and timeless. Update the fixtures and make it clean, clean, clean. Regrout the shower if you need to.


If you have various kinds of flooring throughout, see if you can make it all consistent with an open floor concept. And the carpet? Well, it just must go. Tile is superb these days and even the laminate and luxury vinyl tile are coming back. These are also popular for active households.


People gravitate towards updated kitchens more than any other room in the home. Again, paint can go so far and sometimes all you need is a coat of white. And don’t forget the backsplash, sometimes a simple switch-a-roo can make all the difference. It’s affordable and the brand doesn’t matter as much as it is having a clean and new look. Light fixtures in a kitchen should always be updated and not distracting. 

A reminder that these changes do not have to be expensive, but they can make all the difference in selling your home quickly and for the highest dollar amount. At Compass, we even have a Compass Concierge program which can allot advanced funds for these improvements. Make sure to call me if you are interested in this fantastic program before we list your home.

Christy BerryAugust 27, 2021