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Make the Most of Your QTR


Make the Most of Your QTR

I cannot remember where I heard QTR for the first time, but it has stuck with me. QTR is ‘Quality Time Remaining’ and is a reminder that our time on the earth is limited and to make the best of each and every moment. You learn the older you get that life really is short. 

The first white paper on the subject was written by Mark Junodin 2022 and holds these premises and is a reminder to make time for things that bring you joy with friends and family. 

*Travel Now 

Do not wait until you retire “run up and down the stairs while you can.” 

*Carpe Diem 

Robin Williams explained it best in Dead Poets Society when he said, “Seize the day boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” Try to live everyday like it is your last. Relationships matter and the quality time spent with friends and family is important. 

*Do Not Focus on the End Game 

Life is a journey-enjoy it. “People are at their best when they are having fun” (Mark Junod). 

*Just Say Yes 

You never know the opportunities that may open up by saying YES to a friend or family member to join them at an event or outing. You never know what adventure or opportunity you may experience and create QTR with them. 

*Live Life Linearly 

Tim Urban in The Tail End made it all real. I am nearly 67 now, and on average, women live until the age of 79 (73 for men); then I have 12 more winters, 12 more summers, 12 more July 4th and Christmas’. And if I read 15 books a year, I only have 180 more to read. Which ones am I going to read? He also very poignantly said that by the time your children leave for college, and I do think this applies more to boys than girls, but maybe not true anymore, you have spent 93 percent of the time you will spend with them in your life. Think about that.

*One Moment Everyday 

Just try to have one moment everyday that is your QTR moment, and do things that bring you more joy. 

I want to thank all of you for bringing joy into my life. 

– Christy