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How to Choose an Interior Designer


How to Choose an Interior Designer

Whether it’s deciding on wainscotting or window treatments, when it comes to decorating, you want to know that you and your interior designer are on the same wavelength. Here are three tips on how to choose an interior designer who’s perfect for you

1. Be prepared

It doesn’t matter if you’re remodeling a room or an entire house, you should select an interior designer who is prepared to help build a space you love. It’ll be easier for you to know which designers mesh with your style taste if you do your research. Scanning a designer’s portfolio can provide insight into the types of rooms that designer typically creates. Portfolios can often be found online, such as this interiors page on Dallas designer Amy Berry’s website. When meeting with designers, it is also useful to have examples of interiors you like to use as a starting point for your conversation.


2. Know your taste

Interior decorating takes a keen eye for trends and color, but personal taste plays a vital role in cultivating style. When picking a designer, think about what matters most to you in a space. Do you love exposed brickwork, an undeniably “hygge” aura, or natural textures? As you peruse design portfolios, notice which ones speak to your personal aesthetic preferences, so that when you decide which designers to meet in person, you’re ahead of the curve. Some experts suggest meeting with no more and no fewer than three designers. Meeting too many can be overwhelming but meeting too few might be too small of a pool.


3. Focus on the relationship

Finding an interior designer can sometimes resemble the dating world. To work together effectively, it is important to feel comfortable with your interior designer. Otherwise, decision-making processes can be tense and time-consuming. Understanding and communicating your budget, wants and needs, and limitations to your interior designer will help the process go smoothly. Keep in mind the relationship you will build with your designer as you’re searching for the perfect fit for you and your home. These are the building blocks to creating a space you will love to come home to.

Your home should be an honest reflection of your personality. Choosing an interior designer who understands your Dallas real estate vision is a critical part of that journey. Contact me today you would like to find out more information on Dallas luxury real estate.

Christy BerryDecember 5, 2019