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From Christy’s Garden to Table


From Christy’s Garden to Table

I have just learned to garden. After we rebuilt our home, my youngest son and I realized we had a huge soil bed on the side of the greenhouse, and instead of putting shrubs back in we decided to take up gardening. It has been quite a learning curve to say the least. Last year , our first year, we had a swarm of caterpillars eat the entire harvest of sweet potatoes ( they said it was fluke thing that hit Dallas and surely will not happen again), watermelons that took over everything literally and a great crop of tomatoes. This year we have a better understanding of what thrives in the Texas heat  and when to plant it. As we enter spring this year, I’ve been getting my hands dirty to put homegrown food on the table. Here’s some insight into the journey I’ve taken with growing this garden. 

The Place

My garden is my refuge from the demands of everyday life. The emails, calls, texts, DMs, and any other way people try to get a hold of me… that all gets put on hold when I’m tending to my garden. 

I often find myself getting up at the crack of dawn to make sure no harm has come to the garden over the night. Occasionally the rabbits will lay their litter but that brings the hawks in, who I constantly try and scare away, or a possum has climbed through everything wreaking havoc, or a snake has decided to shed its skin below my feet. But I love it for its  rich sensory experience of all of the colors, textures, smells, and subtle sounds of bees buzzing and birds chirping about god knows what, but I’m delighted they seem to be having a good chat. 

I was lucky enough to have my new greenhouse built by Texas Greenhouse Company. And since then, my garden has expanded beyond that stunning enclosure that houses my orchids to a weekend full time luxury. 

The Plants

This year, I decided to invest my seed capital primarily in vegetables. Don’t worry, I haven’t put all my eggs in one basket… I’ve diversified my portfolio by planting a variety of fruits and herbs as well. Here is what I have growing right now…

My Vegetables:












My Fruits:






My Herbs:





In case you’re feeling particularly inspired, with perhaps a tinge of envy… these are my top four favorite nurseries to purchase plants in Dallas: 

North Haven Gardens 

Ruibal’s Plants of Texas

Jackson’s Home & Garden


 DM me your home garden tours on Instagram at @christy.compass

The Progress

There’s a pure sense of joy, wonder, hope, and gratitude in watching seeds sprout and vegetables grow. Some plants I won’t get to harvest till the end of spring or early summer, but it’s worth the wait. And while we wait, I’ll nourish the garden with one of these chic watering cans. Which is your favorite?

The chic geometric watering can from Garden Glory

The vintage-inspired copper watering can from The Floral Society

The ceramic sand-toned watering can from Burke Decor

The molded steel and beech wood watering can from Plantshed

I’m looking forward to harvesting my garden this year and I’m looking forward to bringing you along with me as everything continues to blossom. Follow me on Instagram for more content!

Mary Alice AdairMay 5, 2023