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Five Favorite Things With Stacey


Five Favorite Things With Stacey

I grew up with Stacey’s husband, Greg Renker, “the father of the infomercial” as I call him and have known Stacey for over 35 years now. She has such flair and hyper-chic taste it was hard to pick just five things but we tried!

Here are her five favorite things in her home:


Miniature Chairs

Stacey has been hunting for miniature chairs since I have known her. This is the set she keeps in her Michigan home. She has a second, modern collection of these in her home in California.


Glass Boats

This is a Jennifer Barlett piece of artwork. Stacey loves her works that are so indicative of Harbor Springs. The boats are entirely crafted of glass and then handpainted. Quite beautiful!


Winter Entrance

This entrance was designed for winter and has a great drop area for skis and boots just inside with a mural of all of Harbor Springs in the Summer. It took three years from design to completion and the grounds are magnificent. The flowers are phenomenal and all exquisitely designed by Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects.


Media Room Bookshelves

The puppets and marionettes Stacey has collected specifically for the media room shelves add a unique characteristic to this room. The media room is painted a lush green color with a fireplace beneath the TV which makes it feel cozy and warm.


Metal Art Piece

This welcomes you into the home when you enter from the Bayside porch area. Stacey has become quite a collector and authority on all things contemporary art. I wish she could rub off on me a little!

Christy BerryJuly 15, 2021