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Five Favorite Things with Diana Oates


Five Favorite Things with Diana Oates

As soon as I brought up the location of my current home to Christy, she assured me that I had to make it mine. And at nine months pregnant at the time, I had no idea the blessing that having such a wonderful street would be to a young mom of two with no family in Dallas. I’ve loved making this house a home and am so thankful for it along with my irreplaceable neighbors. And while a house built in 1948 will always, ALWAYS have things that are being fixed, reworked, and redesigned, I love this old house and all of its imperfections. 

Here are my five favorite things that live with me (other than my kids, husband and dog of course):


Playroom / Office Bookshelves

I share an office with my kid’s playroom. And while there are many days that I wish that I had the space to create two separate spaces, there are many other days that I look to the left of my computer while working and smile at the quirky array of treasures that my son has chosen to display on the shelves.



I remember touring this home for the first time and being drawn to this pink marble fireplace despite really not being a pink person. There is something so cozy about lighting this fancy fireplace on a cold winter’s night that always calms my mind and makes me feel right at home.


Vintage Map

I am North Carolina born and bred and so when I found this vintage map of the Pamlico Sound at an antique store sale on Everything but The House, I knew I had to make it mine. Not only does this represent a coastal area of North Carolina mere miles from my hometown, but my very best friend’s family owns a home that can be located on it. It was as if it was meant for me to hang this piece in my Dallas house, although North Carolina will always be “home”.


Bronco Buster

I was extremely close to my grandfather who was gifted this Bronco Buster by Frederic Remington upon his retirement from McCormick Spices. My grandfather would also speak so kindly of his very first “big clients” down in Texas, and I was thrilled to have it passed down to me when I moved to Dallas. It means so much to me, and it always makes me think of him and the great memories that we shared before he passed away.



Anyone that lives near me knows that I am well known for roaming the block with two cocktails in hand—one for me and one for a friend. I mean, how else is one supposed to handle a Texas heatwave with children? This bar is far from perfect but has mixed up a many of ranch waters and French 76s. I hope to eventually add some more photographs and/or art to the wall in this series I like to call “A few good men “. Thus far on the wall, we have my great grandfather during a wrestling tournament and my husband being lifted up by his groomsmen on our wedding day.

Christy BerryJuly 1, 2021