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10 Hottest Interior Design Trends in 2020


10 Hottest Interior Design Trends in 2020

From floral wallpaper to sustainable materials, check out our list for the hottest interior design trends in 2020. A new decade can inspire lifestyle changes and new beginnings, which oftentimes translate into updates in home decor and trends. As we close out a decade reflected by the popularity of midcentury design, white kitchens, and geometric prints, several vibrant styles and trends are on the rise for the new decade. There’s no better time to explore a bold paint color or new furniture arrangement to freshen up your space. 


Curvy Shapes 

Curvy furniture and home decor are having a moment in 2020. This trend transforms spaces into 60s and 70s throwbacks with modern updates. Switch out traditional rectangular sofas for an unexpected and unique curved couch in a vibrant color.  

Rounded furniture exudes a softer and more romantic feeling. Curved-back armchairs, chaises, and benches with gentle curves complement rounded mirrors and asymmetrical pieces for a sophisticated atmosphere.

Doorways, artwork, and accent pieces with curved shapes and patterns continue the asymmetrical trend throughout the home. Adding a unique piece of furniture can be an interesting focal point in a room and act as a conversation starter for guests. 

Image of staircase in 9747 Tulane

Floral Wallpaper

Bold, floral wallpaper may seem like a design risk, but flower-inspired walls create a unique statement and add a playful and romantic element to a space. This year’s wallpaper designs pay homage to more traditional styles with the addition of a modern update through larger flower designs and trendy colors. 

This trend goes well in powder bathrooms, feminine bedrooms, or foyers for a whimsical entrance into the home. Be sure to steer clear of designs that may evoke a cartoonish or dated look by exploring contemporary styles. 

For those unwilling to fully commit, temporary stick-on options are increasing in popularity and availability. Spruce up a lackluster space with a pop of bold color and design provided by a floral backdrop!


Earth Tones

Earthy shades such as dark brown, olive green, yellow ochre, and burnt orange are taking the place of cooler tones in home decor. The warmth of natural tones can be applied to practically every design element and bring nature into living spaces.

Furniture, wall paint, and accessories offer a peaceful ambiance and mimic the outdoors—a necessary trend for 2020 with more people staying within their homes. Consider incorporating plants and natural materials, such as wood, for an enhanced earthy vibe.

Bold options such as black doors and statement artwork fit within the trend while adding a pop of personality!

Image of kitchen in 4520 Northaven

High Contrast Decor

For several years, white and gray decor with subtle contrast has reigned supreme—now, 2020 has created opportunities to add high contrast in the form of color, shape, and texture. If you’ve ever been curious about painting a black accent wall or adding soft pink decor to a white couch, now is the time to explore this look!

No longer are the days of subtly matching pieces to create a neutral aesthetic. Look for vibrantly colored pieces to mix with timeless elements to create a visually pleasing balance. Bright tiles and backsplashes can capture the trend without going over-the-top in a space. 

Image of bedroom in 6638 Desco

Environmentally Friendly Fireplaces

Who doesn’t enjoy the coziness and warmth of a fireplace? Today, several companies are focusing on producing environmentally friendly fireplaces with sleek design touches. Several decorative models can simply be added to any room of a house without requiring additional construction or assembly. 

Standard wood-burning fireplaces have a negative impact on the environment, such as deforestation, toxic particulate matter, and emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and methane. Fireplaces designed with eco-friendly features reduce their negative impact on the environment. Five major categories of current eco-friendly fireplaces include ethanol, electric, eco-friendly wood-burning options, pellet, and gas. 

Ethanol options burn biofuel derived from corn and sugarcane and are easy to install into existing wood-burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces don’t produce toxic fumes or greenhouse emissions. Environmentally friendly wood-burning units utilize wood harvested locally from dead trees, which are replanted after being cut down. Pellet-burning stoves consume pellets made from organic materials and produce little pollution. Lastly, gas fireplaces burn gas logs to mimic wood-burning fireplaces and have lower emissions than traditional stoves. 

Image of breakfast nook in 6415 Prestonshire

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds fall under throwback trends that are making a comeback in 2020. Boasting a comfortable retreat with a luxurious touch, canopy beds provide an oasis from the outside world. For those envisioning a regal, royal-esque place to rest and relax, canopy beds with modern design touches, such as acrylic and metal accents, are continuing to build in popularity. 

While these types of beds look great in most bedrooms, consider the size and height of the room when choosing the correct canopy for the space. Thinner, sleek posts can better accommodate a smaller room while larger frames are best suited for a larger area.

Image of secondary bedroom in 6415 Prestonshire

Rattan & Wicker Furniture

Once regarded as a fixture of back decks and patios, wicker and rattan-style furniture has found its place inside the home. The durable material is versatile for a variety of design styles and offers a warmth and boho-chic feel. Wicker pieces can balance a contemporary space with a natural, earthy accent. 

Play with adding wicker chairs to dining room tables or a wicker headboard in a bedroom for an instantly elegant, yet casual atmosphere. 

Image of entryway of 6415 Prestonshire

Bold Monochromatic

This year’s trends include a rethinking of monochromatic—think bold colors, such as cobalt blue and aubergine, from floor to ceiling! When done right, a bright monochromatic room can be sophisticated, luxurious, and elegant. The most difficult step for creating a monochromatic space is where to start. 

Design experts recommend starting small. Smaller rooms in the home, such as a bathroom or closet, are great spaces to experiment with a single-color scheme. Choose a pleasing color that brings joy and energy to a space without inducing a headache. Begin by adding smaller decor touches or painting an accent wall.

Incorporate texture to prevent a single color from falling flat. A variety of rich textures keeps a space interesting and balanced. For a less drastic change, explore adding a contrasting tone to break up the primary color of a space while retaining its bold and fun personality. 


Images of study and bedroom in 3518 Gillon

Two-Tone Kitchens

The end of the iconic era of all-white kitchens has arrived and is slowly being faded out in favor of two-tone kitchens. Homeowners seeking a more updated aesthetic can opt for two-tone cabinets—white and black or dark blue—paired with wood floors or neutral tiles. 

Including a mixture of colors increases visual interest and contrast in the kitchen and may also give the illusion of a taller ceiling. An additional take is mix-matching the colors of countertops with a brightly painted kitchen island for a pop of color. 


Sustainable Materials

The use of natural and sustainable materials in home construction and design is quickly growing in the world of interior design. Materials such as recycled wood, bricks, textiles, and sustainable cane are showing up in modern and innovative design. Whether a new build or renovating a home or giving a space a fresh update there are several ways to incorporate eco-friendly materials.

When building a new home, it’s important to discuss eco-conscious designs and materials during the planning process. As “fast furniture” becomes more common with online markets producing convenient, yet lower-quality pieces, it’s essential to consider longevity and quality before purchasing. 

Image of kitchen in 9747 Tulane

Search for timeless decor and furniture that can last for several years to come. Exploring shops and flea markets for vintage and antique home decor is an excellent way to recycle used goods and provide a second life to furniture with a story. 

Additionally, incorporating sustainable and consciously sourced materials, such as reclaimed wood, sustainable leather and recycled linens, wool, ceramics, and concrete, results in a more eco-friendly home. 

Interested in learning more about trends in home design and the housing market? Contact Christy Berry today. Her dedication and experience will help ease the process of finding the perfect piece of Dallas luxury real estate to meet the needs of any homebuyer!

Christy BerryAugust 4, 2020